Current Administration Projects

Camp Blount Project
Camp Blount Project
The Camp Blount Project is a current project that focuses on the historic site where General Andrew Jackson mustered troops for the Creek Indian War. The site project is currently being developed as a state historical park, teaching visitors about the history and significance to the origin of the "Tennessee Volunteer." To learn more about historic Camp Blount, you can read more about it here.

2023 Strategic Plan
2020 Strategic Plan
The City of Fayetteville is currently in the process of approving the 2023 Strategic Plan for the Administration Department. The department will list details of the Strategic Plan after the approval process.

Greenway + Blueway Project
In August of 2015, the Tennessee Department of Transportation awarded the City of Fayetteville a Transportation Alternatives Program grant for Phase I of the City of Fayetteville Greenway + Blueway Master Plan. The $313,432.00 project is classified as the “Fayetteville Square to Park Connector.” The goal is to be under construction by Spring of 2018. You can learn more about the project, including Phase II here.