City Administrator

Scott CollinsScott Collins 
City Administrator
Address: 110 Elk Ave S, Fayetteville, TN 37334
Phone: (931) 433-6154
Fax: (931) 433-2557

Scott Collins has served as the City Administrator since July 08, 2013. In accordance to the Municipal Charter of the City of Fayetteville, the City Administrator acts under the direction of and is responsible to the full Board of Mayor & Aldermen and performs the following duties:

  • Meets and confers with the Mayor and Department Heads on a regular basis;
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Mayor & Aldermen for improving the quality and quantity of public services to be rendered by the officers and employees to the inhabitants of the City;
  • Keeps the Board of Mayor & Aldermen fully advised of the conditions and needs of the City;
  • Reports to the Board of Mayor & Aldermen regarding the condition of all City equipment, buildings and real estate and recommends what repairs or replacements are needed;
  • Acts as Purchasing Agent for the City and makes all purchases on behalf of the City of Fayetteville general government; the City Administrator may delegate this authority;
  • Supervises and coordinates all administrative activities of each department of the City under the policies of the Board of Mayor & Aldermen;
  • Consults and cooperates with the various committees of the Board of Mayor & Aldermen in the administration of the affairs of the City of Fayetteville;
  • Recommends to the Board of Mayor & Aldermen what programs or projects involving public works or public improvements should be undertaken by the City and the priority to be given those works or improvements;
  • Carries out the personnel policy, rules and regulations adopted and approved by the Board of Mayor & Aldermen, including hiring, disciplining and terminating employees; this authority may be delegated to Department Heads;
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual budget and capital program and submits to the Board of Mayor & Aldermen;
  • Verifies all proposed budgeted expenditures and prevents the incurring of obligations without Board of Mayor & Alderman approval;
  • Keeps the Board of Mayor and Aldermen fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the City and makes such recommendations to the Board concerning the affairs of the City as such the City Administrator deems desirable; and
  • Performs other duties required by ordinance or resolution of the Board of Mayor & Aldermen.

Prior to serving the City of Fayetteville as City Administrator, Scott worked for the City of Newport, TN from March 2008 through March 2013. Other employment includes working for the Boy Scouts of America from July 2005 – March 2008, the City of LaFollette as City Administrator from March 2004 – March 2005, the Town of Oliver Springs from August 1999 – March 2004 and the State of TN Community Services Agency from April 1992 – August 1999.

Scott’s public service career started in 1982 when he was elected Alderman and appointed Vice Mayor in the Town of Caryville, his hometown. Re-elected and reappointed Vice Mayor, Scott became Mayor in 1985. However, he was defeated as Mayor in 1986. In 1992, Scott won the first of four consecutive elections as Mayor, serving until 1999 when he resigned to take the Town of Oliver Springs City Administrator position. Scott was also elected Alderman in 2006 and served until 2008 when he resigned to take the City of Newport City Administrator position.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and is active in the Tennessee City Manager’s Association serving on the Policy and Legislative Committee. He is also an active member of the Camp Blount Planning Committee and the Fayetteville Economic & Community Development Committee.

Scott is married to Renea Collins and they have three children, Jason, Derek and Kathryn. They also have one grandson, Keegan. Hobbies and interests include all things “Big Orange” (Tennessee Volunteers), studying history, hiking/camping, and spending time with family.