Safety Tips

During the holidays there will be more packages delivered than usual. This presents an opportunity for would be thieves to target someone's front porch or other areas to take packages before the intended receipient can get to it.  The Fayetteville Police Department would like to offer some tips to help you combat this problem:

1. Create an area where packages can be dropped and will be out of sight, such as a container near a back door
2. Try to arrange your schedule so to be at home on delivery dates.
3. Have someone, such as a neighbor ect. watch for the dilivery driver and take the packages inside for you.
4. Have the package placed in an area that is monitored by a security camera.
5. have packages delivered to your work or another residence where it can be received by someone else.


Vehicle security ( auto burglary prevention )
Auto burglary, like any other type of burglary is a crime of opportunity. We would like to offer some tips to help you make a difference in your vulnerability to auto burglary.

1. Always lock your doors, no matter where you park your car, even at home.
2. Remove or hide valuables to take away the temptation from would be burglars.
3. Park in well lit areas.
4. Park your car where it can be easily viewed.
5. If you have a garage, park your car indside.
6. use a car alarm.
Residential burglary prevention tips
Although home burglaries may seem random, they actually involve a selection process. Burglars usually select targets based on a few factors, such as location, occupancy, accessability, security vulnerability. Here are some measures you can take to better secure your home and help prevent a burglary.

1. Report suspicious activity to the police dept.
2. Never leave a house key in an obvious place outside, such as under a rock or above the door frame, under the door mat etc.
3. Remove keys and garage door openers from your vehicle.
4. Eliminate areas around your house that reduce visibility, such as overgrown shrubs etc.
5. Install motion sensing lights, an alrm system, and security cameras.
6. Block  outside visiblity to valuable items in your home.
Scam prevention
There are many different types of scams out there, here are a few examples.
Medicare / health insurance scams, counterfeit prescription drugs, phone / internet scams, investment scams, lottery sweepstake scams.
We offer these tips to assist you in identifying scams and avoid becoming a victim.

1. Don't do business with someone who shows up at your door. Hire a contractor if you need to have any type of home repairs.
2. Take time to check out charities before making donations.
3. Never pay in advance for any work at your residence, etc ..
4. Never respond to work at home offers. Don't give account numbers to have money withdrawn to aid you in getting a job.
5. Never provide personal information to anyone that you have not verified to be legitimate.
6. Do not respond to emails asking that you let someone deposit money into your bank account.
7. Never make donations over the phone to someone who calls claiming to be with  or collecting for your local police dept. 
8. Never send money for a relative or friend if you are contacted by someone claiming to represent law enforcement and they tell you that that person needs bond money to be released from jail. Verify that the person they call about is ok by contacting that person.
9. never put your personal information on the internet.
10. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be with the I.R.S. and they solicit money, it is a scam. the I.R.S. does not contact people by phone and does not threaten to have them arrested if they don't pay.
IRS scam report line: 1800-366-4484
Social Security report line: 1800-2690271
**Also, if you are a victim of a scam please contact the non emergency number (931)433-4522, to make a report.**
10. There is a common scam going around where the caller states they are with the U.S Marshall Service and your bank account information has been linked to money laundering or drug cartels in Texas, Mexico etc. Hang up, do not confirm or deny any information. We can almost guarantee that if the US Marshall service was investigating you they would pay you a visit, arrange a meeting at a police or Sheriff Department and produce credentials.