Assessment Survey

City of Fayetteville Recreational Needs Assessment 2017 Survey

1. Please indicate the number of persons in your household in the following age groups:

         1-5         6-12        13-18        19-35        36-60        60+

2. Where do you live?


                 Lincoln County
                 Other (please specify):   

3. How important do you think it is for the City of Fayetteville to provide a broad-based recreation program?


4. What existing recreational programs, if any, have you or any members of your family participated in over the past year? (Please list what program and where it was located)

5. What programs do you feel are most needed for the residents of Fayetteville? (Check all that apply)

 Arts & Crafts                        Programs for Young Children
 Social Functions                 Programs for Teenagers
 Trails                                     Programs for Senior Citizens
 Exercise/Fitness                Programs for Handicapped
 Nature Programs                Athletic Programs

6. For your household, rank the importance (1-5) of each recreational activity or improvement that you feel are needed in Fayetteville.

Parks                                                                                  Picnic areas   
Walking Facilities                                                             Playground Equipment   
Open Recreation Areas                                                   Organized Sports  
Soccer Fields                                                                     Softball/Baseball Fields  
Basketball Courts                                                              Tennis Courts  
Indoor Recreational Facilities                                          Dog Park 
River Access 

7. In the development of the facilities in Fayetteville, what types of leisure facilities would you like to see developed? Please choose your top three preferences in the order in which you prefer their development.

              First        Second          Third  

8. Please comment on specific facilities and/or programs you feel need to be included in the development of the Fayetteville leisure facilities.