Business License

State law requires any person in business for a profit or gain that has gross taxable receipts of $3,000 per year or more must have a city and county business license for each place of business. (Please see State of TN Dept. of Revenue's website for exempt businesses)

An application for a business tax license must be completed along with the payment of a $15.00 fee. In accordance with the City of Fayetteville Zoning Ordinance, approval is required from the Planning Department prior to the startup of any business located within the City of Fayetteville. Residential businesses may be required to pay an additional fee in the Planning Department.  Annually thereafter, upon notification from the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue, if the taxpayer has filed the required business tax return and remitted the amount of tax due, the City of Fayetteville will renew the taxpayer’s business license for another year.

A license issued will expire thirty days after the date that the taxpayer’s annual business tax return is due for the license/jurisdiction.

The taxpayer must exhibit the license in the taxpayer’s place of business.

Business License Renewals
All renewals are now done with the State of Tennessee. However, the Business Tax Office in City Hall will be happy to assist you with any questions that you have about renewals. The State of Tennessee provides each individual classification with their own tax return form. To download the forms visit the State's business license renewal website.

Determining Your Classification & Tax Period
For a complete list of classifications and information about each tax period, please visit the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue's Website.

Business License Form