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Adriane Gay      Adriane Gay
Administrative Assistant
Address: 110 Elk Ave S, Fayetteville, TN 37334
Phone: (931) 433-6154
Fax: (931) 433-2557

Adriane Gay  serves as the Administrative Assistant for the City of Fayetteville. She performs administrative and office support activities for multiple supervisors, assisting in daily office needs and managing the City's general administrative activities.

She verifies accuracy of time sheets and produces biweekly payroll report to provide to Payroll; maintains departments’ attendance and time off records; prepares and types personnel documents; maintains departmental personnel files.  Receives and screens visitors and/or telephone calls, providing general and specialized information regarding departmental functions that may require the use of judgment, tact and sensitivity and the interrelation of policies, rules and procedures; skillfully handles complaints and inquiries; researches and responds to requests or refers complaints and requests to other staff when warranted. Performs, with a considerable degree of independent accountability, difficult technical and administrative work in support of a department’s core functions and processes, examples of which include maintaining accurate, current inventories of equipment and/or supplies; organizing, performing and troubleshooting the downloading of digital camera photos into computer system; processing, entering, reviewing and preparing coin, cash and check deposits; providing technical support and assistance in utility billing, payroll, accounts payable and a variety of licensing; collecting data from multiple sources and creating reports and documents to meet regulatory requirements; interacting with the public on technical and/or sensitive matters; and performing other technical and administrative tasks of equivalent difficulty.

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