Political Sign Regulation Reminder

Political Sign Regulations

With the 2018 political season starting, the City would like to remind citizens about the Political Sign Regulations for signs within the city limits. Listed below is the official ordinance in regard to political signs. If there is any further questions about the ordinance, please contact the City of Fayetteville Planning & Codes department for more information.

Planning & Codes Department

Address: 110 Elk Ave South, Fayetteville, TN 37334
Phone: (931) 433-6154
Email: kgentry@fayettevilletn.com

Political Sign Regulations in the City of Fayetteville

 14-508.4(1)(e) Political signs. One (1) non-illuminated sign per candidate per lot, parcel, or tract, not to exceed sixteen (16) square feet in size and six (6) feet in height. Lots, parcels or trace that front on more than one street may have one (1) sign per candidate for each street frontage. No such signs are permitted on any public rights-of-way or other public property. Such political signs shall not be posted prior to sixty (60) days before an election and shall be removed by the owner of the property on which the sign is located within five (5) days after any election to which it refers. Per state law winners of primary elections may display political signs until the general election.

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